Manufacturer & Exporter of Blended Yarn

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Company’s Overview:

The company was incorporated on 19th August, 1979 as a Public Limited Company and obtained certificate of commencement of Business on 18th November, 1979 . The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling, buying and dealing in Yarn of all types. The company listed on Stock Exchanges in 1985. The paid-up capital of the Company is Rs.30.000 Million divided into Rs.3.000 Million ordinary shares of Rs.10/- each.


The company has set up a spinning plant at Shahkot, District Sheikhupura in the province of Punjab and went into production in February, 1982. The machinery is of excellent and renowned quality. Being project installed under “PAYE” Scheme the company had exported a large quantity of its production to meet the requirement of repayments of machinery loan and has earned a good reputation in the Industrial markets for its quality products. Capacity of the project is Appx. 11.000 million Kgs. of 20/s Yarn. The capacity of the unit has increased from 14400 spindles to 24960 spindles by installing 10560 additional spindles with necessary back process machinery during the year 2001, 2002 & 2004.


The management is expanding capacity of the unit by installing additional spindles with necessary back process machinery and BMR the existing facilities to make the project more viable and to compete with the other spinning units equipped with the latest machinery.

Shadab Textile Mills Limited is a name in the industry of blended Yarn Manufacturers all around the globe. We take the responsibility of minimized cost and offer highly competitive Products. We exhibit high spirit of Innovation in the industry of blended Yarn Manufacturers as to meet the Tomorrow's Objectives.


Wit modern Management techniques, most advance Control System and Quality Professionals We have a confidence and tendency to become an Apex class Blended Yarn Manufacturer and will ordeal our self in the International Industry of Blended Yarn Manufacturers


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